Riding Area

Your riding area is quite large and very beautiful. The intracoastal waterway is filled with beautiful scenery and vast wildlife. While exploring the waterway we have a few rules and few suggestions. Please heed the rules as they could cost you your deposit, your safety and more importantly your life.

  • Do not exit the Intracoastal Waterway. These PWC are not to be taken into the ocean under any circumstances. This will cost you your deposit and hopefully not your life.
  • Do not ‘beach’ the PWC. ‘Beaching’ a watercraft simply means to pull the vessel onto the beach. This is not allowed. This can cause damage to the PWC which will potentially cost you your deposit and quite possibly additional repair fees. Please talk to staff about options if you have a desire to explore the island beach areas of the ICW. There are options we can offer for the safety of the vessel.
  • Do not drive over visible seaweed, trash or other debris in the water. This will ultimately cost you time when you need to pull over to remove that debris from under the PWC. Debris sucked into the PWC could cause functionality issues or overheating. While you are in an area where this is a possibility regardless, please do not intentionally explore areas that are filled with this type of natural seaweed.
  • Please do not engage with the wildlife. While beautiful, they are wild. Most are safe to watch from a distance…Dolphins, fish or maybe sea turtles. Please remember that you are a guest in their water. There is wildlife that IF you encounter, you need to promptly remove yourself. Alligators and sharks can enter this space. While we rarely see this, it can and does happen. Please take this into consideration upon your decision to occupy the waterway. It would be irresponsible of us not to let potential customers know of the risk and give them a course of action if something like that happens. Again, PLEASE do not engage with wildlife.
  • Please educate yourself on the area. Please take the time to look over maps of the Intracoastal Waterway and Topsail Island. This will ensure you have an idea of what the waterway looks like BEFORE you get yourself into a predicament. Our staff will certainly answer any and all questions you may have, but this may not help you once you are out and about.



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